How to Reach More of Your Target Audience on Linkedin?

  • November 25, 2023
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To effectively gain more followers on LinkedIn, combining different types of content and strategies is key.

Here are some of the most popular and effective approaches:

1. Write Better Headlines and First Few Sentences.

To get read by your target audience, it helps to have a good hook and intriguing text to get them to click on the (more) on our post.

Found a free Linkedin headline analyzer tool at from Justin Belcak who has over 1mm Linkedin followers.

2. Utilize a Variety of Content Types:

Native documents, videos, infographics, pictures, and blog posts have been identified as the most effective types of posts on LinkedIn.

Native documents, for instance, generate three times more clicks than other post types. Videos are particularly effective in engaging users, as they create the most engagement per impression rate for both smaller and mid-sized accounts.

3. Consistency in Posting:

Regular and consistent posting on LinkedIn helps in building a steady stream of followers.

This consistency applies not just to the frequency of posts but also to maintaining a consistent brand and messaging, which helps in brand recognition over time​​.

4. Publish Long-Form Content:

Detailed, longer content that showcases your expertise and insights can be beneficial. Such content not only engages the LinkedIn audience but can also appear in Google search results, further increasing your visibility​​.

5. Use LinkedIn Carousel Posts:

Carousel posts, which allow sharing of documents, are promoted by LinkedIn’s algorithm due to their ability to keep users engaged on the platform.

They offer the advantage of including more information than typical posts, leading to higher click-through rates​​.

6. Stay on Trend:

Creating content on trending topics can significantly increase your organic reach, leading to more engagement and followers.

LinkedIn’s trending topics tool can be used to identify popular subjects​​.

In summary, a combination of diverse, high-quality content, consistent branding, engagement with current trends, strategic use of LinkedIn’s features, and cross-platform promotion are key to growing your LinkedIn followers.

Joe Ryan is a seasoned social media and SEO maven, renowned for amplifying online engagement through targeted Facebook ads and AI-driven strategies. His expertise has guided brands to dominate digital landscapes, making him a sought-after speaker and a visionary in harnessing technology to craft winning marketing campaigns. Contact Joe at to learn more

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